You may be the most thoughtful accountant or auditor, but anyone can make a mistake. The smallest or most innocent mistake can be very costly

As an auditor or cerified accountant, your clients rely on you to protect their financial future. But what about your own protection? Getting the right insurance in place can safeguard you if things go wrong.

Getting sued would be seriously damaging, to both your reputation and personal financial wellbeing. That’s why it’s important for you to carry a Professional Liability insurance.

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This insurance protects you from financial repercussions if you are sued by a client for errors, mistakes or omissions arising from the practice of auditor or accountant services.

Professional Liability insurance covers the cost to defend lawsuits against you, as well as any settlements or judgments that arise out of your mistakes, in the normal course of your professional activity.

Every day auditors and certified accountants face the risk of legal action being taken against them in respect of their professional liability. The indemnities that may be made as a result of a successful claim can be huge but even the legal costs of defending the most spurious claim can cause severe financial hardship.

This insurance is designed to protect you from suffering financially if you make a professional mistake when performing your auditing or accounting services. Even if you do not make a mistake, this insurance protects you when customers claim that you did.

Do not forget – the peace of mind is something which you cannot put a price on.

Common causes for professional indemnity claims include negligence, making a mistake or giving bad advice, misfiled or delayed reporting, sharing confidential information without permission, etc. Any mistake made by you, that causes damages to a client, is a possible cause of a professional indemnity claim.

An important choice for your professional liability insurance is the limit of liability. The limit of liability is the maximum that the insurance company will pay in the event of a claim. The higher the limit of liability, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

When purchasing a professional liability policy, you also should consider the deductible associated to the insurance product. The deductible is the amount of a claim you are responsible for paying before the insurance company’s coverage takes effect. Deductibles are a form of risk sharing, and provide a financial incentive for you to take actions to reduce the risk of professional indemnity claims.

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