Holfin Insurance Reinsurance Broker team is constantly concerned about your satisfaction with the insurance products and services we offer you.

For us, your experience is very important and, by sharing it with us, you contribute to the improvement of our services.

Each complaint helps us to have a better approach towards client relationships, so that your experience with Holfin Insurance Reinsurance Broker is in line with your expectations.

How we manage your request:

  • We will take over the message sent as soon as possible
  • Upon receipt of your message, you will receive from our side an acknowledgment of receipt
  • We will make every effort to respond within 15 working days
  • In case the settlement of your complaint requires several investigations and we cannot honor it within 15 working days, we will inform you regarding the status of your request
  • In case of complex complaints, which involve an extended term of resolution, every 15 working days we will inform you on the stage in which your complaint is.

You can contact us by:

T: +40 314 056 564

E: office@holfinasig.ro

Mail: Holfin Insurance Reinsurance Broker S.A., Bucharest, District 2, 020335, 9-9A Dimitrie Pompeiu, Iride Business Park, Building 24, 2nd floor

Website: filling in the form from “Complaints

Please send us your contact details and your preferred method of communication so that we can answer you as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with our answer, you can contact the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Address: Splaiul Independentei no. 15, sector 5, postal code 050092, Bucharest

Website: www.asf.ro