The farming and agricultural industry involves numerous risks and uncertainties.

The stability of your agribusiness can be severely jeopardised by losses triggered by different causes, from climatic events to plant or livestock diseases. Weather is an important production factor in agriculture, which, unfortunately, can hardly be controlled. Drought and excess rainfall are responsible for bad harvests all over the world. If you activate in the farming field, regardless the prophylactic treatments you apply, the disease risk remains high for your animal and poultry farms.

Your business is exposed to big risks which can have serious financial repercussions. To protect your cultures and your livestock you should contract an insurance which best suits to your business.

Use an experienced broker to get the quality cover you need. With a strong knowledge of the commodity markets and farming practices, our team can customize a coverage based on your unique needs. We work with major insurance providers, specialized in agricultural insurances, to acquire the appropriate cover at competitive quotes.

Crop Insurance is an essential element for lowering production risk as part of your agricultural risk management strategy.

The insurance covers agricultural crops in field, greenhouses,  solariums or seedlings; nurseries and rootstock plantations; the fruit of vines, fruit trees or shrubs on plantations

Depending on the specific of the crop, the coverage may be for damages and costs caused by fire (from natural causes), hail, torrential rains, storms, late spring frosts and / or early autumn frosts. In some conditions, drought and landslides of the cultivated terrains may be covered.

The insured amount is given either by the volume of the direct technological costs or by the crop value.

Livestock insurance provides coverage for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, race or work horses; bee families and hives; fishes from nurseries and fish farms.

The insurance covers diseases, injuries or death caused by accidents in, or outside the shelter.

Do not forget, the insurance cannot substitute for sound management of the risk of pests, parasites and diseases.

The insured amount may represent either the actual value resulting from procurement documents, or the market value established in live/kg, depending on the species, breed, age, maintenance conditions.

The insurance is intended for farms of chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, pheasants and ostriches.

The insurance covers the risks of disease, death, accidents and theft. The coverage include losses caused by the destruction (collapse) of the shelters and the accidental damage to technical installations.

The insured amount may represent either the actual value established per poultry head resulting from procurement documents, or the market value established as live/kg, depending on the species, age and maintenance conditions.

As your business faces a large variety of risks you will need to make sure that you are adequately covered. The following insurances can help you to protect your business against unforeseen events:

  • Building and contents insurance
  • Agricultural Stock Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Provide you with free and impartial specialist advice concerning risk management and cover options
  • Provide you with the right insurance product which best suit your specific needs, helping you to:
    • Minimise your exposure to risk
    • Save your time and money
  • Manage your insurance policies, timely informing you about the relevant aspects
  • Manage your claims, provide assistance and representation in front of insurance partners
  • Give you peace of mind that you are protected for things that matter to you
  • Our services are based on technical expertise and robust business knowledge, underpinned by complete understanding of your specific needs
  • We have access to a large range of insurance providers allowing us to offer bespoke insurance solutions with the best value for you – both in terms of cover and price
  • We think holistic and act responsible. We believe that respect and integrity are vital to building and maintaining trust and good long term relationships

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